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Hotel Room Vending (Minibars)

E-Cube is a secure, flexible in-room vending solution with full network- and web-based monitoring. It is room service without the fuss.

  • Room profit management
  • Increased room revenues
  • Combined shop option available
  • Decreased room costs
  • New Microsoft Windows format report generation from any networked PC
  • Easily installed communication via existing ethernet cabling
  • Custom furniture available with up to 2x12 and 3x12 cooled products integrated into one e-cube
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Ambient E-Cube

Ambient E-Cube
  • Attractive product presentation
  • Furniture colours to match room décor
  • Simple "plug-in" communications
  • Flexible product range
  • Option to offer product range based on guest profiling in specified zones
  • Suitable for all types of room
  • Very secure for high value items
  • Installed alongside existing Arbarr units or stand-alone
  • Compliments existing corridor vending and ice machines
  • All the advantages of in-room vending with minimal noise and power consumption
  • Capacity options for 12, 24 or 36 products
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Cool E-Cube

E-Cube Cooler
  • Tray system can be modified for different fridge types
  • Absorption 40 & 60 litre
  • Glass-fronted compression 50 litre 12-18 product spaces
  • Trays pull out to allow easier access for guest
  • Communication via co-axial or CAT V
  • Recommend 2-tray system with 24 cooled products
  • 3 tray option available with 32 or 36 products
  • Easily installed retrofit for existing Honor bars
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  • Unique patented non-return trigger system which ensures that empty containers cannot be replaced in an attempt to avoid payment
  • Modular tray assembly integrated in the furniture enhances visibility and allows flexibility with the product mix. This results in a significant increase in sales.
  • Illustrating three different packaging formats: free standing product, domed or unusual shapes, tube for composites
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