Contract Manufacturing

Quality Management System

To develop and maintain a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for Automated PCB & Equipment assembly. The principles of ISO 9001:2008 shall be applied to every aspect of our activities.

Quality Management System
Pareto Partnership

Assembly Capabilities

Design Capabilities
  • CAD/CAM systems to all standard formats
  • Electronics Design from concept
  • PCB layout design and modification
  • Plastics and metal fabrication design
  • Project management of graphic arts and package design

Surface Mount

We are specialists in Surface Mount assembly, offering a flexible, economical, fast turn-around of small to high volume assemblies.

Assembly Lines

With three fully Automated Assembly Lines and one Manual Assembly Line Arbarr can manufacture products with speed and precision. Our lines contain machines from industry leaders, including Fuji, Conceptronic. Our machines can place as many as 40,000 components per hour, ranging from components as small as 0201 size up to, potentially, 90mm2.

BGA Assembly and Inspection

Arbarr uses the Ersacope inspection system to ensure unrivalled quality and assembly standards in its production procedures.

The Ersascope S XY100 system is widely regarded as one of the leading BGA inspection systems, providing real-time images of the hidden solder joints under BGA’s, FPGA’s, and other similar grid arrays. The Ersascope System is also backed up by X-Ray inspection. This enables thorough inspection to the highest of standards.

Assembly Lines

NPI Analysis & Gerber
Arbarr is often the first step in the manufacture of a design and we are therefore uniquely placed to comment upon it’s manufacturability. As part of our “first build” we offer a complete audit of product manufacturability and can undertake the necessary design modifications to allow maximise efficiency of subsequent production. Our design team utilises a range of industry standard software packages including Autocad, Microchip MP-lab and Easy-PC Pro PCB design.

Assembly process

We employ several methods of visual inspection to ensure that all boards produced comply with IPC-A-610 revision E Standards. These range from desktop magnification lamps to the Ersascope VS XY100 and X-Ray inspection.

Testing is specific to each customer’s needs. Current Testing methods range from basic electrical testing to full emulation testing, with the option to use our customers own test equipment or, working with the customer, develop new test systems, specific to their requirement

X-ray Inspection
X-ray services provided by Arbarr allow us to inspect areas which would be difficult or impossible to reach with conventional methods like AOI. Faults like broken joints and shorts can be detected inside component packages or under BGAs and other components, where pins cannot be viewed externally. Using X-Ray inspection, these faults can be easily identified, without causing any damage to the PCB or components.

At Arbarr we take every step to ensure that the customer receives a quality product. This includes having a fully trained rework team in-house, to troubleshoot any and all problems that may arise, and to rectify these issues as soon as possible.

Box Build
The final PCB is carefully inserted into its enclosure before all required release testing is carried out.  The final enclosure is then placed in custom packaging for release to the customer.

All boards are wrapped in Anti Static Bubblewrap and securely packed before shipping. These boxes are then collected by courier and delivered to the customer. Shipping to the UK & Ireland can be expected to arrive in 1 to 2 working days. International Shipping is usually delivered within 4 working days.

Design Services

Through collaboration from inception. Arbarr offer a bespoke electronic product and circuit board design service focused on delivering application specific and cost optimised solutions ranging from simple control circuitry, to managing and delivering multi-layer, multi-board projects.Working with our network of 3rd parties this includes turnkey design, prototyping and delivery of fully assembled and tested production quantities as follows:

  • Drafting of the Detail Requirement Specification
  • Design for Assembly
  • Firmware Design
  • Software Design
  • PCB Layout Design
  • Mechanical and Industrial Design
  • Collaboration on Certifications and approvals

Case Studies

PCB for use by Visually Impaired in Poll Booth 

This transmits candidate’s name audibly on depressing a key corresponding to their position on the ballot paper.

Skillsets Employed
  • Embedded coding of VLSI Controller.
  • PCB design.
  • USB Communications.

Energy Storage System

Used for Storage of Renewable energy, power shifting and back-up Power in domestic and light industry.

Skillsets Employed
  • Lithium Cell PCM AMD BMS design.
  • Remote monitoring, Canbus, Bluetooth, LoRa and Wifi .
  • AC switching and control.
  • Industrial Design and product approvals.

Zone Protector Device

Capable of detecting all cell phones (any carrier and any protocol in all countries) when the phone is in standby mode, texting, making a call or transmitting data.Programmable over the Internet it is a spectrum analyser, the device scans user-definable frequency ranges along with the ability to alert, notify, control a third-party device, or simply log as soon as it detects relevant transmission activity. Frequency filtering technology, managed and controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor, enables the Zone Protector™ to deliver accurate detection with virtually zero false positives. Future-proof design, that allows channels or frequencies to be added online with corresponding firmware updates as cell phone technology evolves well into the future.

Skillsets Employed
  • Design RF (10Ghz) Antenna and filters on Rogers PCB.
  • Controller Board employing Embedded firmware to control scanner, ethernet communications, PoE Po USB and LED displays.
  • Industrial Design and product approvals