The Arbarr Power Silo

Arbarr’s Power Silo is like having an electrical outlet in a box that you can carry anywhere!

It’s practical, effective and power is stored in a re-chargeable battery within the unit and is equipped with AC outlets, DC outlets and USB ports to charge a number of devices including phones, tablets and laptops.

The power station can be charged with any standard wall or vehicle outlet and when connected as a UPS adaptor, the system will continue to work without interruption or delay even if / when mains power is disconnected.

Equipped with a handle and wheels for easy transportation, the silo can even be paired with solar panels to create a solar generator that is charged by the sun.

Its versatility and convenience makes the Arbarr Solar Power Silo great to have as an emergency home battery back up in case of power cuts and is ideal for days at the beach, trekking and other outdoor activities and is a useful addition to caravans, sports clubs or even boats.

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